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Cool Effex, Inc. - Glam-A-Kins and Electronic Art

Glam-A-Kins: Glamorous Mannequins

Shabby Souls

glam·our /'glam-ər/ n: alluring or fascinating attraction

man·ne·quin /'manikən/ n: a form representing the human figure, used especially for display

glam·a·kin /'glamikən/ n: a custom-crafted work of art, in human form, that becomes a vehicle to attract attention, fascinate on-lookers and capture the essence of an intended message; an unforgettable, high-impact visual message delivery system

Glamorous mannequins, Glam-A-Kins, are created as visually stunning art pieces that embody a deliberate message, theme or lifestyle to be conveyed to the world or enjoyed in a private setting.

In a day marked by short-attention, fast media and prolific messages, it's increasingly difficult to make a statement that has the impact, uniqueness and appeal necessary to leave a true impression. Glam-A-Kins are inspired and developed by Cool Effex, Inc., a company motivated by its desire to bring the world expression-through-art.   After a private consultation, each Glam-A-Kin becomes a custom articulation of any organization, business or individual who wishes to commission a one-of-a-kind message in art.

Why Would I Use A Custom Glam-A-Kin?

Visually engaging and memorable, Glam-A-Kins stand out to showcase a product, service, theme, charitable message or personal passion like nothing else can.  Glam-A-Kins are multi-medium works of connected art that can include decoupage, crystals, feathers, accessories, wigs, clothing, magazines, signs and any other imaginings that will create the message you want to communicate.

How Would I Use A Custom Glam-A-Kin?

Auction Item at a Fund Raiser Office Display
Display for a Retail Location Company or Team Mascot
Unique Ornamentation at a Special Event Personal Art Collection
Trade Show Display The possibilities are endless...


All Mannequins ©2011 Cathi Coan. All Rights Reserved.

A&E Shipping Wars

Glam-a-kins featured in A&E Shipping Wars

Jenn sees mannequins Jenn poses with Roxy

Click on image for full photo.

You can watch the full episode here:

*Photos courtesy of A&E Shipping Wars: Guys & Dolls episode.


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